What are the advantages of L/C financing services:
1. Improve the ability to accept orders: accept the letter of credit orders that I wanted to accept before but did not dare to accept, so as to increase the negotiating weight;
2. Quick withdrawal of funds: After delivery, submit a full set of materials, and you can receive the payment within 3 working days;
3. Professional document review and effective risk avoidance: cooperated with HSBC, Sinosure and China CITIC Bank, fully transferred foreign exchange collection risks, and 100% financing amount (documents match);
4. Professional customer service will provide one-to-one service to help you review the terms of letter of credit and ensure safety.
For foreign government procurement, bidding projects,Zhiyun can provide project financing services, for the majority of customers to provide financial support for large projects
Receive more than
10 currencies
around the world
Local collection
and payment
will arrive in real time
Compliance first
full peace of mind
Better cost is
more than fast