Consumer Protection Services
Protect Consumer Groups
①Shippers and buyers use online direct orders to enjoy logistics services
②The owner and buyer use online payment to the fund supervision account of Ecloud service platform and the third-party freight forwarder to conduct service transactions
Consumer protection service means that the freight forwarder has signed the Ecloud service consumer protection service agreement and promised to provide transaction protection services for consumers. When the owner-buyer uses the online secured transaction service to purchase logistics services in Ecloud service, such as In case of loss of goods due to the responsibility of freight forwarding and logistics services, the buyer can initiate rights protection in accordance with the provisions of these rules. If it is determined that the rights protection is successful, Ecloud service will deduct the seller's deposit for breach of contract compensation to protect the rights and interests of the buyer.
For freight forwarders, Ecloud service will review the qualifications of freight forwarding companies and operation qualifications, but will not endorse the credit and reputation of freight forwarders and provide any guarantee for offline service transaction risks.
Online trading advantages
Common service of freight forwarding service providers
Guarantee Service
Enjoy consumer protection services
Give away insurance
Ecloud service provides additional cargo loss insurance
Order Status
Real-time control of logistics order status
Shipping Status
Visual tracking of logistics and transportation status
Consumer Details
Clear billing details
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