Bidding Advantage
More Options
Ecloud service will recommend suitable freight forwarders to participate in the bidding according to the needs of the tenderer and the system's analysis of freight forwarding information, so as to reduce the cost of freight transportation and improve the freight forwarding transportation service, so that the owner has more choices.
Intimate Service
Based on its own advantages, Ecloud service will enhance the right to speak for small and medium-sized cargo owners, assist or prepare relevant bidding documents, and follow up the entire bidding process and the entire agreement service cycle in real time.
Guarantee Service
According to the agreement signed with the bidder, Ecloud service will guarantee the owner to assist in appealing and seek compensation for the loss caused by the freight forwarding in the whole service cycle, so as to reduce the economic loss of the owner.
More Advantages
Consignor bidding helps to reduce logistics costs, improve logistics efficiency, reduce logistics risks, optimize enterprise management, reduce management costs, and achieve a win-win situation for both parties.
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